As a certified holistic health coach, speech pathologist, and yoga therapist, Kimberly helps clients of all ages reclaim their health and vitality, free themselves from chronic and mystery illnesses and autoimmune disorders, and lead healthy, hopeful lives. Her attention to the interplay between nutrition and emotional health enables her to view the body as a whole, and she achieves her mission to empower women by encouraging them to trust their inner wisdom to become their best selves and ensure the healthy development of their children.

Kimberly began her career as a licensed speech pathologist, where she learned early on the strengths and weaknesses of traditional medicine, as she helped children and adults overcome feeding, nursing, weaning, and swallowing disorders. Realizing she could do even more for her clients, Kimberly began to seek out new and alternative methods and eventually enrolled in a PhD program in holistic health and nutrition.

Kimberly’s unique skill set includes certifications in yoga therapy, EFT, reiki, the “getting through” technique, and homeopathy, as well as a master’s degree in speech pathology. Kimberly shares this knowledge with other mothers through lecturing and other teaching on how they can make small changes that encourage healthy development, detoxification, and healing at a cellular level.

Kimberly has first-hand experience overcoming a chronic illness and disabling autoimmune disease. Diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012, and then developing neurological symptoms and autoimmunity as a result, Kimberly suffered through countless doctors, tests, traditional medications and alternative therapies before she found her path to healing, which she realized was within her all along. Trusting in her intuitive ability to find a solution, Kimberly recovered, and she is now committed to helping others in the same way.

Today, Kimberly's clients run the gamut from adults looking for solutions to their fatigue, tingles and numbness, brain fog, migraines, pain, anxiety and depression, to children suffering from attention and learning difficulties, impulsiveness, food allergies, autism and developmental delay. Beginning with a nutrient-dense, whole foods approach that sees food as medicine, Kimberly tailors her treatment to meet the individual's needs, whether it is detoxification through whole foods, boosting nutrient intake, emotional therapies, supportive herbs and supplements, essential oils or other interventions.

Mentored and trained by the Modern Medicine Woman, Muneeza Ahmed, Kimberly's skill and dedication to her clients are recognized within the holistic therapeutic community, and she is a trusted referring practitioner for Anthony William, the New York Times bestselling author of Life Changing Foods and Medical Medium.

When given proper nutrition, rest, and love, the body CAN heal, and Kimberly is ready to guide and support you on your journey back to health.